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Shunyata Research Python Ztron (RCA) 3ft/1m pair Interconnect cables
Shunyata Research: 7223
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The ZTRON PYTHON signal system represents the second of three steps in the performance progression of Shunyata Research's ZTRON interconnect cable series. It features Shunyata Research's patent pending ZTRON Technology that measurably reduces signal transmission distortion. The PYTHON improves upon the ZTRON COBRA interconnect with the inclusion of the virtual tube VTX conductors used in the reference ANACONDA interconnect cables. The VTX conductors bring a sense of added body and tonal purity to an already silent background. The PYTHON s more reasonable retail prices relate directly to the quality of Shunyata s materials, the patents-pending technology and the US hand-labor.

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Length: 3ft/1m pair
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