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Synergistic Research Element Copper (RCA) with Mini Power Coupler and Tuning Bullets Included 6.5ft/2m pair Interconnect cables
Synergistic Research: 4663
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Manufacturer's Description: Copper lovers will rejoice to the sound of pure copper suspended in an Actively Shielded Air Dielectric. Strong and powerful with rich harmonics and excellent soundstaging; these are the traits copper brings to the Element Series. Most powerful bass of all elements More holographic then prior top of the line models Blends well with any system Listening notes and findings from our exhaustive 6 month blind listening tests reveal Element Copper to be an excellent cable for audiophiles and music lovers who prize PRAT with strong BASS; a cable suitable for nearly all systems and components, Element Copper outperforms our previous top of the line interconnects (aside from our Galileo System IC s) at a fraction of the price.

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Comments: Includes Black, Gray, Silver Enigma Tuning Modules. Add $75 per cable/ $150 per cable pair for upgrade Gray and Silver UEF Tuning Modules. Also includes 120v Active Shielding Power Supply MPC. Add $199 for 230v version of MPC.
Condition: Very Good
Length: 6.5ft/2m pair
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