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Nordost Vishnu 15Amp IEC 8ft/2m Power cables
Nordost: 7276
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roduct Description The Vishnu sets a new standard of performance at its price. Vishnu offers superb sound stage and increased dynamic range in the audio arena. When used with video components, previously unsuspected color, detail, depth and edge definition are revealed. The cable consists of three solid core conductors. These are manufactured by extruding silver over 16 AWG Oxygen Free Copper conductors and then individually suspending them in a micro mono-filament matrix. The separately insulated solid core conductors eliminate strand interaction, hot spots and carbonization, which can occur in stranded cables, thus ensuring optimum performance. Extruded FEP insulation is superior to all other materials due to its very low signal loss and high thermal efficiency. It dissipates heat very quickly and allows greater power to be transferred more efficiently. Micro mono-filament technology also increases current flow, delivering transmission speed in excess of 85% the speed of light. It also lowers the resistance of the cable, preserving the benefits of your power supply s low source impedance. The three mono-filament power conductors are wound in a special configuration, using very precise manufacturing techniques to keep the impedance, capacitance, and other electrical specifications within very tight tolerances and to eliminate external EMI/RF interference. The result is fabulous sound and stunning picture quality. "Vishnu delivered greater bass depth and weight, but also greater texture. Along with that added weight and control of low frequencies comes a sense of authority and space: space around and behind the performers, space between notes and phrases."

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