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Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB (Type A-B) 1.5ft/.5m Digital cables
Wireworld: 7272
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Manufacturer's Description: Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB Setting the standard for USB audio performance. The Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB cable is for the discerning listener who will appreciate their ability to reveal a wealth of musical details while preserving the natural timbre of acoustic instruments and voices. The Platinum Starlight USB employs Wireworld's new, patent-pending DNA Helix conductor design, which uses six (solid silver) signal conductors ??? twice as many as other USB cables -- arranged in an innovative symmetrical geometry that provides precisely balanced 90-ohm impedance that far exceeds the official USB specification.?? The DNA Helix design maximizes transmission speed while minimizing noise, thus reducing digital jitter to provide substantial overall improvements in sound quality. Another special feature of the cables is a power conductor that is fully isolated from the signal conductors to preserve Signal integrity. The Platinum USB also features solid silver conductors for uncompromising performance,

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Length: 1.5ft/.5m
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