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Shunyata Research Sigma Digital (15 amp IEC) 6ft/1.8m Power cables
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Manufacturer's Description: TRON SIGMA Series of power cords are the most technically advanced products of their kind, incorporating multiple technologies that showcase Shunyata Research s pioneering work in the area of Distributed Power Conditioning. SIGMA power cords work far more efficiently than traditional power conditioners because they intercept noise at its very source -- the component power supply, and prevent it from being shared with other electronics in the system via CCI (Component-to-Component Interference). DEFINING FEATURE The defining feature of each SIGMA power cord are Shunyata s highest performing TRON circuits, which measurably reduce noise at the first point of electrical contact with component power supplies. No power conditioner in the world can capture noise at the first stage of a component's electrical circuit and isolate that noise from other components. This ultra-efficient means of noise reduction virtually eliminates CCI (Component-to-Component Interference) and protect electronics in the system from being affected by commonly shared noise. Essentially, SIGMA Series power cords function as independent, high-current power conditioners. All three SIGMA power cord models cancel the specific frequencies of noise associated with the class of components they are designed for -- Digital, Analog or High-Current. SIGMA model power cords are entirely non-reactive. They present no interference or impedance challenge to electronic power supplies (Unlike most power conditioners). What this means is, SIGMA power cords are complementary to all electronic power supplies within their named classification and allow all components to perform at peak efficiency both in terms of current delivery and lowered noise. EXCLUSIVE PARTS AND CONSTRUCTION SIGMA DIGITAL and ANALOG model power cords are all constructed using Shunyata s finest VTX wire formed into massive gauge conductors, making them compatible with high-current electronics, but the SIGMA HC is uniquely designed for the world s most demanding amps and power conditioners with an even larger 6 gauge conductor complement and unique internal construction. Each SIGMA power cord is designed and tested for optimum delivery of DTCD (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery). 15 YEAR EVOLUTION Every facet of the SIGMA model construction has benefitted from designer Caelin Gabriel s obsessive attention to detail, along with his fifteen years worth of patented science, technology and parts development. Without question, the finest examples of Shunyata s reputation as the world s finest manufacturer of electrical and signal systems are the SIGMA power cords -- the most technically advanced products of their kind. A Power Conditioner in a Cable! The TRON SIGMA contains a hybrid TRON circuit that measurably reduces power noise generated by the component itself. Essentially it is a power cable with a power conditioner built in, but without any of the negatives normally associated with active power conditioning boxes. 3 Different Versions - SIGMA DIGITAL - SIGMA ANALOG - SIGMA HIGH-CURRENT TRON CONDUCTORS - Certified CDA-101 Copper - VTX (virtual tube) Conductors - SHUNYATA CopperCONN CONNECTORS - Pure Tellurium Copper Base Metal - Nickel plated for corrosion protection - Superior Contact Grip - Alpha Cryogenic Processed

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