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Shunyata Research Ztron Alpha Digital (15amp IEC) 6ft/1.75m Power cables
Shunyata Research: 7214
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Manufacturer's Description: As the name implies, the Ztron Alpha Digital power cord was developed by Caelin Gabriel to target and measurably reduce the extreme high-frequency noise generated by all types of digital electronics, whether in audio or video applications. The noise reducing property of the Ztron Alpha Digital is so significant that this can be objectively measured using a Power Analyzer. More importantly, even a brief evaluation will yield an unmistakable, dramatic improvement in sound or video. In days gone by, power cords designed for digital electronics used ferrous metals or heavy shielding that did more to "tune" the sound than improve it. These arcane "treatments" had obvious colorations such as dynamic compression and a dulling, or darkening of sound. The Ztron Alpha Digital power cord delivers a dramatic reduction in measured noise without any side-effect, leading to clearer visual images and better sound in every conceivable digital application, including digital amplifiers! Technology The functional core of the Ztron Alpha Digital is Gabriel's re-working of the Ztron circuit, which has already demonstrated measurable improvement in square-wave response tests. The manipulation of the circuit elements within the Ztron Alpha Digital lead to an immediate reduction in high-frequency noise, making this the first and only power cord that is essentially an independent power conditioner, without the associated box, added cost and connections!. Of course, all of Shunyata's other treatments remain in play, from the CDA 101 Alpha-Cryogenic copper to Shunyata's own CopperConn connectors. Applications Any and all digital audio or video electronics, including digital amps!

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