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Shunyata Research Anaconda-s (RCA) 3ft/1m Interconnect cables
Shunyata Research: 7203
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Manufacturer's Description: Shunyata Research s ANACONDA -S Interconnects are the shielded counterparts to the original, award-winning Ananconda interconnect cables and features Shunyata Research's patent pending tron Technology that measurably reduces signal transmission distortion. The ANACONDA -S are recommended for all systems, but especially those that have interconnect runs longer than 2 meters, or for electronics systems that exist in a high-noise environment or metropolitan area. The ANACONDA -S is available in both RCA and XLR terminations. The Anaconda -S parts and materials are identical to those within the ANACONDA interconnect, but the -S version adds a high-quality 100% coverage shield that rejects RFI/EMI coming from the environment. There is an obvious perception of lowered noise and superior retrieval of low-level detail with the ANACONDA -S. This lowered noise and better resolved detail will be especially audible in noise sensitive analog systems or high noise producing digital systems where longer interconnects are required.

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Length: 3ft/1m
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